What can I do on REALM?

  • Find a Life Group
  • Find opportunities to serve
  • RSVP to Church Events
  • Communicate within groups
  • Share Prayer Requests
  • Share Needs
  • Ask Questions
  • Give Online
  • Interact with Pastors & Leaders
  • Receive church-wide updates

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What is REALM?

Realm is an online tool that helps you connect with others and to the mission of Grace Church. It’s designed around the many groups that make up our church: Life Groups, Ministry Teams, Service Groups, etc. Realm will be a very helpful tool as we strive together to be a community on mission.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is REALM different from other social networks, like Facebook?

Typically, interaction on social networks starts and stops online. You post a picture of your lunch, your friends like and comment on it, and that’s that. This is a common objection that people have to social media, because it creates a false sense of connection by trying to replace real life interaction with a post, comment, or like. REALM, on the other hand, is specifically designed to facilitate community and mission amongst actual groups of people within the church who meet, work, and pray together in real life. Simply put, we do not depend on REALM to create a sense of digital community and mission, rather, we use it as a digital tool to help facilitate the¬†real life community and mission that we are already doing.

What does REALM do that other social networks can’t?

You heard it here first, you will never be able to download your annual giving statement from Facebook. While REALM is primarily a communication tool, it is not only a communication tool. It also allows the people of Grace Church to do things like give online, meet other people from Grace who live in their neighborhood and find volunteer opportunities based of their skills. Because REALM is just for Grace Church, it allows us to do some powerful things that we simply could not do using other social media sites.